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“The fundamental cure to poverty is not money, but knowledge”

-Sir William Arthur Lewis-

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Chief Charles Teale

My name is Charles A. Teale Sr., retired Chief of the Hartford Fire Department, and I would like to introduce you to a system of learning, understanding and remembering information I call "The Tools of Learning". 

"The Tools of Learning" had its start in June of 1982, when I began my training to become a Firefighter. The program was demanding in a physical and (to my great surprise) academic sense. Among other things, we were required to learn chemistry, EMS and even algebra. Failure to maintain at least a 70 average meant termination. To make matters even more challenging, the only formal education I had to complete this program included a G.E.D. Two attempts at a collegiate career had proved unsuccessful due to bad grades.


It was during this initial training experience that I created "The Tools of Learning". With it I was able to graduate number one in my class of 27, with a 99.7 average, return to college and earn an Associate’s, Bachelor's and a Master’s Degree and serve with distinction as Chief of the Hartford Fire Department for 10 years.


Since retiring in April of 2010, I have been presenting my system of learning methodology throughout the United States. After presenting this information to over two thousand people , the positive response has been overwhelming. In answer to the question, “Do you plan on using '"The Tools of Learning" information in the future?', One tutor replied: "Yes, with my students, my family, and for myself".

I am now making this presentation available to teachers and students of your organization.



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Chief Charles A. Teale Sr. (ret.)


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